“I should have made it plain that I/ stake my future on birds flying in”

– John Hewitt (1907-1987) Northern Irish poet

Walking a poet’s path and discovering the thoughts and feelings that moved authors to write poems about local events is our goal for this walking tour to Writer’s Square in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. At the end of this 2hr tour you will write your own poem or song and be familiar with parts of  Northern Irish culture. The tour is in English but our guide also speaks German, Dutch, English, French and Romanian. This walking tour is free of charge. All ages and abilities welcome.

The tour runs every Monday and Friday in August at 2pm. From September on it runs every Tuesday and Friday at 2pm. If you want to book this tour on any other day please get in touch. 

For further information contact Annette

This Walking Tour was designed and is run by our international volunteer Raluca. She is with us until the 8th of October 2018. After this we will try to keep this tour running. If you would like to take over and run it for international guests in your own way then contact Annette to inquire about our volunteering opportunities.