Every Thursday 10+ young women aged 12-16 from Bushmills meet for one thing: to become the best versions of themselves. Through workshops, play, discussions and practical work experiences they grow, explore new interests, develop skills and find support amongst their peers.

In spring 2017 we connected with the Bushmills Residents and Environmental Forum and planned our involvement with the Little Divas. YHANI is proud to have been a part of the Little Divas Programme this autumn and we are beyond excited for what the future holds.

1st Workshop: We virtually traveled the world and learned about destinations, preparations, and problem solving at the other end of the world. How do you find the best flights? What should I know about the country I am visiting? Is my best friend a good travel partner? Caomhi and Emily "travelled" to Thailand for 2 hours and say "We realised how important it is to read up about the country because it might be rainy season or there will be demonstrations. For getting around we chose bus and bicycle cause that is the safest way. Then we looked at our budget and decided to do island hopping and we also going to visit an ethical elephant sanctuary."

2nd Workshop: For International day of the girl we looked at gender stereotypes and how they can affect our career choices. Why do guys all want to be bankers and doctors and girls want to be teachers and nurses? All girls discussed what it feels like to be underestimated in school and what they would wish for all genders for the future. We ended on a wonderful note where the girls affirmed each others skills.

3rd Workshop: Our last workshop with the Little Divas in Bushmills - this time with inspirational women from 5 different countries! 🌍 We used the worldcafe method to talk and hear about each everyone's inspirational life paths. Special shoutout to Margo from SYHA Hostelling Scotland Lisa & Katerina from The Corrymeela Community and Natalie & Lisa from EVS - European Voluntary Service for being our guests. What a night! 😊

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